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Joy Jung

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Joy Jung is a Registered Nurse at Mega Wellness Clinic Los Angeles. She has much experience, knowledge, and expertise in nursing practice from working in various medical environments. Some of her experience includes: - 8 Years at the Acute Hospital Med-Surg - 2 Years of Hospice Care - 5 Years of Homecare - 5 Years at Adult Day Health Care Center - 2 Years in the Emergency Room - 1 Year in the ICU - 1 Year at an ENT Clinic. She was awarded the best nurse of the month at CHA General Hospital, and takes great pride in her interpersonal and teamwork abilities. Joy Jung, RN/BSN hopes to use her years of experience and skills to help the customers at Mega Wellness Clinic improve their wellbeing and quality of life.
Joy Jung, RN/BSN, is a veteran, experienced nurse who has encountered a variety of different medical conditions in her career. Her wealth of field knowledge has increased an interest in functional medicine treatment and particularly in helping to improve medical protocol.