IV Hydration FAQ

How do I decide what IV service to get?

Our highly skilled medical staff will recommend the best IV treatment options, personalized and based on your current health concerns, symptoms, and goals.

What is the difference between oral administration of vitamins vs. intravenous (IV)?

The main difference is in absorption rate, as the IV method is much faster and more effective. Oral supplements go through the stomach function, then are converted into nutrients, and delivered into the blood. However, this method takes much longer for the effects to kick in and can be ineffective for those who have compromised digestive systems or liver problems. We recommend intravenous therapy for those who have problems with digestion and absorption. After improving the function of the stomach through IV therapy, we recommend our patients to switch to oral supplements that we have at our clinic. The goal of our treatment is to induce long-term health with oral vitamins.

Are vitamin IVs appropriate for people who are vaccinated (including booster shots) for COVID19?

Yes. These days, those who experienced difficulties after vaccination or booster shots responded favorably with our injections. In fact, all Mega Wellness Clinic employees have received modified Myers’ Cocktail based on their symptoms after vaccination.

Aside from people who think vitamin injections are effective, what about the naysayers? 

Depending on the person, the effects can kick in later. However, long-term IV therapy regularly and treatment have proved to be effective for many of our customers. Our clinic runs hormone tests per pay that are not often ran. People with diseases that cannot be easily detected with general treatment, such as weakened cortex, are said to have a late treatment effect, and those who give up in the middle are said to have no effect of treatment. As with all treatments, there is no panacea yet. However, in light of the increasing number of diseases caused by various rare cancers, viruses, and bacteria, the approach and understanding of various treatments, IV therapy has been helping to improve the quality of life for many people. For example, if you eat well at one meal, digest well, get a good night's sleep, and have a smooth excretion activity, your immunity will improve, and you will have energy. We aim for health that is faithful to this basic rhythm. You can think of it as receiving nutritional injections and herbal supplements with necessary nutrients through blood vessels.

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